SwimSpa Covers and Sunbrella

Sunbrella and SwimSpa Covers

The reason is all vinyls are rated by hours outdoors. If you only count daylight hours, normally 1500 hrs outdoors is pretty standard which amounts to about 100 days. Makes it seem kind of silly to put vinyl on anything that’s going to be outdoors.

Vinyl will always crack and fall apart eventually if it is exposed to temperature extremes and or UV. That’s why Sunbrella ™ was invented. It has been the gold standard in outdoor fabric for more than forty five years.

Sunbrella ™ is manufactured by Glen Raven Mills here in the USA. Made from acrylic fiber woven into a canvas like fabric it offers the breathability of canvas without the shrinkage, rotting or fading. One of the great advantages of breathable fabric is that it does not trap moisture in like vinyl where it can grow mildew. The vinyl on the outside is one of the reasons why if rigid foam SwimSpa Coverssmell like mildew. Since acrylic is the same stuff most swim spas are made of Sunbrella ™ is incredibly durable.

Sunbrella ™ doesn’t crack in cold like vinyl, or fade like canvas. , if you live near a marina every boat top you see out there in a bright color is Sunbrella ™.. Anything else would fade out quickly, even the paint on the boat will fade before the Sunbrella ™ will.

Years ago a neighbor wanted the folks at SpaCap.com to repair his sail cover. His sail cover had been on his sail boat for twelve years, through all the weather the northwest pacific coast could throw at it. For those of you who don’t know sailing, the typical sail material needs to be protected from exposure when not in use so it is bundled and covered with a sail cover. The sail cover is the shield that covers the expensive sail from damage.

The sail cover was made from Sea Grass Green Sunbrella ™ which is a bold, fairly bright green. So the folks at SpaCap.com explained to him that if they patched the cover with new material it would look terrible because new bright material would stick out like a sore thumb on the faded older material. They laid a piece of new material on his old cover to prove thier point.

To their astonishment the only difference between the two was his was a little dirty. There was no difference between the new fabric and the old even after constant exposure for twelve years once it was cleaned and patched. If your spa is outdoors and your tired of replacing Lightweight Swimspa covers due to sun damage you really need to get one of the only Lightweight Swimspa covers that is offered in Sunbrella ™ fabric the SpaCap.com

If your swimspa is outdoors and your tired of replacing SwimSpa Covers due to sun damage you really need to get the only swimspa cover that is offered in Sunbrella ™ fabric the Lightweight Swimspa covers from SpaCap.com

SwimSpa Covers: Before You Buy

Before You Buy Another New SwimSpa Cover

What You Should Know Before Buying a New SwimSpa Cover

If you require to replace your SwimSpa Cover this year, there are couple of crucial things you should consider. A SwimSpa Cover is your spa’s very first line of defense versus particles and harsh weather and is the essential to minimizing energy costs as a well-insulated SwimSpa Cover will prevent heat from escaping from the swim spa when it’s not in use.

Here’s exactly what you should understand prior to buying a brand-new SwimSpa Cover

When to Replace a SwimSpa Cover

A SwimSpa Cover typically needs to be replaced every three to five years if you reside in a northern area and every three to seven years, if you live in a warmer area.

Search for any rips or tears in the vinyl, check the underside of the SwimSpa Cover and try to find deterioration from mold accumulation and chemicals. Because all vinyls are ranked by HOURS outdoors, this occurs. And the musty and musty smell originates from the reality that the foam produces practically ideal lab conditions for growing mold and mildew.

The service then to both of these problems would be to change your SwimSpa Cover with among the Custom Lightweight SwimSpa Covers made by SpaCap.com At SpaCap.com they utilize Sunbrella Marine fabric which is rated by YEARS outdoors instead of vinyl, and air chambers rather of foam.

If your old one is waterlogged and heavy and a battle to eliminate, a replacement SwimSpa Cover is needed. This is a clear indication that the foam cores are saturated with water.

Again, another reason not to buy another foam filled SwimSpa Cover No matter exactly what the spa dealership informs you, the reality is that every foam SwimSpa Cover ever made is going to end up simply like the one you have to change now.

The SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Covers with air chambers instead of foam do not have the mold growing issues and they don’t fill with water. They stay easy and light-weight to utilize for years to come.

The idea that a thicker foam cover is going to insulate much better is flawed thinking.

A quality foam filled SwimSpa Cover will be from 4 to 6 inches thick. A spa dealership will tell you that if a SwimSpa Cover is too thin, it will not be able to stand up against harsh weather conditions and you’ll have to change it more frequently.

What conserves you money is a SwimSpa Cover that insulates better than foam. The Custom Lightweight SwimSpa Covers from SpaCap.com insulate better than foam without the problems of foam.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow during the winter season, a stiff foam cover, no matter how thick will be crushed by a snow load. Which is why numerous ski resorts worldwide have switched to Lightweight SwimSpa Covers made by SpaCap.com

Picking a Color

Choosing the best color for your SwimSpa Cover is an enjoyable but crucial choice, as they can boost and match your surroundings. Here is where all the color options offered from SwimSpa Cover, actually shine. Rather of choosing the 5 or six colors the local spa dealership needs to offer, you can pick from more than SIXTY colors offered from SpaCap.com

Don’t just purchase another SwimSpa Cover that is going to end up heavy or broken like the one you have now. See SpaCap.com and get a SwimSpa Cover that is going to be easy to utilize for many years to come.

Finding The Best SwimSpa Cover

SwimSpas represent special obstacles when it concerns covering them.
We can all concur that the swimspa has to be covered when not in use for all the same reasons a hot tub requires a cover. The obstacle is that because of the length of the swimspa and the height of the sides, eliminating and changing the SwimSpa Cover can be a lot more difficult.
Getting a brand-new swimspa is an exciting occasion in life. You’re looking forward to the exercise you’ll receive from using it. Possibly you’re a little relieved to have actually finally selected from the various designs you looked at. At any rate, you most likely weren’t thinking much about the SwimSpa Cover you would use.
Normally, the cover that gets back with your new purchase will be a 4 section rigid foam filled SwimSpa Cover that will split in the center and go off both ends.
No big deal.
Up until it starts to get heavy.
Which it always does.
Every rigid foam filled SwimSpa Cover ever made winds up the same way and it is not the fault of the user. It’s a style defect. Integrated in obsolescence since as soon as it is placed in use over the warm water in your swimspa it is unavoidable.
It’s not from rain, so having a taper won’t make any difference. In fact you might have it under a roof and the SwimSpa Cover will still get heavy.
The factor is the steam from the water. The particles of steam are really little as they rise from the water surface. They make their method into the little cracks and crevices in the foam. Then as the steam cools it forms back into a liquid and becomes caught in the SwimSpa Cover
It happens slowly and on a SwimSpa Cover which is made of private areas, at differing speeds. So eventually you’ll notice one or two of the sections are actually getting heavy. The bar lifters on completions of the swimspa aren’t much assistance due to the fact that you still have to raise that heavy SwimSpa Cover back up onto the spa which is a lot higher than a routine spa.
This is why SpaCap.com developed a different style for their Lightweight SwimSpa Covers
Instead of using several foam panels that will eventually wind up in some landfill, they designed Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that uses air chambers that don’t suck up moisture.
In fact SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Covers are easy to use, insulate better, will not blow away in a wind storm or be harmed by snow or hail.
Covered with Sunbrella Marine material, these Lightweight SwimSpa Covers will not fade, or fall apart at the seams either. So if you own a swim spa, and you intend to keep using it daily, SpaCap.com has the SwimSpa Cover for it.
If you’re not prepared to order today, bookmark this website so you can find it again when you’re prepared!

SwimSpa Covers & When To Replace Them

SwimSpa Covers are vital, if you intend to maintain that water warm inside the swim spa. Regrettably, SwimSpa Covers don’t last for life. In spite of what your spa dealer might possibly have actually assured, there will come a time that you are going to require a replacement Lightweight SwimSpa Cover

Just what are the indications when a swimspa cover has given up the ghost? There might be obvious indications, as well as some that are not so evident signs. Right here are 5 indicators of swimspa cover distress to think about.

Saggy Cover

If your foam filled swimspa cover accumulates water externally, you’ll require a new Lightweight SwimSpa Cover This indicates that whatever was offered in regards to the support of the foam boards is currently curved or damaged. You’ll find commonly a C-channel that runs along both halves of the spa cover, where they meet at the joint. Some cover producers will utilize products like aluminum or slim steel at this point, which will flex under weight (dogs, youngsters, snow), or (even more generally) due to the weight of the cover itself.

If this is the case, attempting to bleed a longer time from the cover is just going to end up costing you extra moving forward since whatever insulation worth it may perhaps have actually possessed is addressed this phase. Delaying the inescapable will merely cost you more in your energy expenses. But more significantly taking into consideration an use perspective, you are most likely not likely to desire to tinker your cover when it has water on top of it. Eventually, you’re utilizing your swimspa much less, which is definitely a sin. Do not be a sinner.

Something to think about here. Regardless of what your hot tub dealer has to state concerning it, if he just wishes to market you another foam filled SwimSpa Covers, it is 100% definitely going to turn out to be similar to the one you have to change currently.

It won’t matter whether it is shrink covered in Kevlar and strengthened with titanium, if it has foam inside, it is destined fall short.

Puddle Cover

Water is heavy, at 8 lbs. each gallon, it could add up swiftly. One more situation of damaged reinforcement channel. Possibly started with a small crimp in the channel, which commenced to puddle some water, and also a whole lot even more water– and currently it looks like a brand-new SwimSpa Covers is in order.

Just like Saggy Cover, this is because of using foam panels over a swim spa. Foam panels will saturate from the steam coming off the spa water. Not one point will stop it aside from not using foam within your SwimSpa Covers!

The spa supplier may recommend you to try to turn the panels over inside the cover to add to its helpful life. Other than the zippers as well as the plastic material weren’t made to be opened and shut past the initial stuffing of the foam.

When a cover starts a progressive pool, it could never ever be reversed. It’s time to purchase a replacement SwimSpa Covers As we claimed above, placing it off indicates you’ll be taking advantage of the swimspa less (a transgression) and throwing away cash on the heating costs.

Water Logged SwimSpa Cover

This may be a SwimSpa Covers that weighs about 3x what it did when it was new. They often get so heavy that they come to be alongside impossible to make use of short of the help of a Seal Team. They could likewise harm SwimSpa Covers lifters once they obtain as well hefty. That’s because the cover lifter is not made to manage a heavy cover. Bet the supplier didn’t state that when he sold it to you.

When the foam core is taking on water– as well as, is not draining pipes. This does not indicate that rain water has actually somehow entered your cover, or snow or an additional outdoors resource. It takes place when steam rises from the warm spa water then given that it’s a very little particle, solves into the foam. Once it enters of the foam it cools down as well as reverses into water, and comes to be trapped because of that the water molecule is too big to leave.

The best means to stop it would certainly be to never ever utilize a foam filled up cover on the swimspa. In spite of just what the producer claims to wrap it in or the way they package it, the foam will at some point come to be saturated. Duration.

It is time for a brand-new replacement hot tub cover. Once again, placing it off at this moment is just going to cost you extra in your energy consumption and unless you have a Seal Team coping with you, you typically aren’t going to be using your spa very frequently. (Still a sin).

If you want to be brilliant, you can take the cover from your spa as well as store it in your garage for a number of months. As quickly as the SwimSpa Covers is far from the dampness and being kept inside a completely dry place, at some point the wetness within the cover will certainly evaporate (back to a smaller molecule) and naturally the foam will certainly become light again. It takes months for it to dry entirely in which situation you have to have another replacement cover for your spa while you wait. Keep in mind: The cover might still warp wildly unhealthy while it dries.

If you prefer to rotate your covers every 3 months, you could be capable of making them last until the products start to find apart. See Below.

Torn & Worn SwimSpa Cover.

Whenever the textile (aquatic quality vinyl on the typical foam filled SwimSpa Covers) is exposed to its limitation of sun and also weather condition, it becomes weak and starts to weaken. At some point, holes as well as splits happen that will.

Since ALL Plastic, even one of the most pricey Marine Grade, are ranked by HRS outdoors.

Utilizing a spa cover protectant is simply an additional way for cover dealers to take your loan. If you would love to invest in weekly basis rubbing down your SwimSpa Covers with conditioner, be our visitor however the wise thing to do would certainly be to get the cover that does not have VINYL on the outside. Like claim the SpaCap.com Lightweight SwimSpa Cover that usage Sunbrella Marine textile, which is ranked by YEARS outdoors.

Still, if the SwimSpa Covers isn’t heavy yet, you could to delay buying an another one providing you do not mind the look of Duct Tape. If you need a few recommendations, take a look at some episodes of the “Red Green Show.”Red covers the finer factors of Duct Tape.

Foul-smelling SwimSpa Cover.

Moldy, mildew, old wet canine– whatever your SwimSpa Covers smells like, if it’s a bad odor, that possibly implies that you now have bacteria creating inside the hot tub cover. It most likely likewise indicates the cover is water logging (see above).

Now we have actually crossed over from troublesome to harmful.

Exactly what are you inhaling when this is what you smell?

Completely dismantling of the cover, and spraying it down with Lysol won’t aid! Considering that the resource of the odor, AKA the mold and mildew as well as mold are stuck inside the foam! The most effective you might be able to complete would be to eliminate what’s on the outside of the vinyl or foam however you are not going to touch just what’s inside the foam. Plus now your cover scents like Lysol, nothing eliminates the state of mind faster compared to inhaling something that reminds you of how the school janitor tidied up vomit.

The origin of the trouble? That excellent quality foam utilized in conventional hot tub covers. In spite of just how much a supplier might attempt to sell exactly how it is exceptionally resistant to water absorption and bacteria development, it will certainly still occur as well as they recognize it.

When you take place to be prepared for an all new Lightweight SwimSpa Cover, make sure that it’s not made using a foam core.

If you were curious concerning your SwimSpa Covers making it another year, do not wait. It’s your basic reaction informing you something vital– swim spa season is year-round! Prepare now!

Swimspa Covers for PDC Swimspas

The USA made, from start to finish, propulsion TruSwim® swim spas is where innovation meets fitness. The unique straight wall design and dual hydraulic propulsion provide the widest, smoothest and most balanced fitness path in the market. The perfect condition for all ages and athletic levels to reach aquatic fitness and wellness goals.

At SpaCap.com They are ready to help you design a customized swimspa cover to fit your PDC SwimSpa

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swimspas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swimspa cover design as unique as your custom swimspa.

Does your swimspa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swimspa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com SwimSpa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swimspa cover to cover your PDC SwimSpa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!

SwimSpa Covers for Catalina SwimSpas

Catalina SwimSpas

Catalina Spas is the leading spa manufacturer in cutting edge technology and quality fitness and exercise equipment giving the consumer state of the art construction and absolute relaxation. Catalina Spas are carefully constructed to provide years of carefree performance despite frequent, daily use. As a result, we build the best spas and swim spas in the industry with high-quality, efficient heaters, pumps and other components.

Catalina Spas opened its doors for business in 1977 with the concept of creating a quality spa at an affordable price that people could enjoy in the comfort of their own home. The first swimspa was manufactured by Curtis SwimSpas, which was purchased by Catalina Spas in 1985.

Catalina Spas is based in Johnson City, TN 100 miles East of Knoxville and 25 miles South of Bristol. We manufacture and test all our spas by hand. Each spa is personally and individually made to the specifications of each customer.

Catalina Spas introduced the first swimspa in 1980 and continues to innovate the swimspa industry. The creation of the swimspa helped us become one of the largest swimspa manufacturers in the world. From an original past to an even brighter future.

Each customer can personalize their swimspa. The feature options list shows all of the standard and optional equipment, amenities, and upgrades available. Components, cabinets, acrylic, gel coatings, swim tile, and designer glass.


Catalina’s jets have the power to give you an incredible massage. From deeply relaxing to powerfully invigorating, Catalina’s jets offer a full range of massage types. All our jets are completely adjustable to create just the right amount of pressure to relieve daily stresses improving the body’s natural healing process.

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Whether you choose to stream music live, or have your own collection of downloaded tunes, this entertainment system allows you to conveniently enjoy music from your Bluetooth® enabled device using Bluetooth® wireless technology. Incorporated into the cabinet, this system features an iPod dock and auxiliary input for other MP3 players.

LED Lights

Nighttime enjoyment becomes enriched with Catalina’s LED lighting systems. With a spectrum of inviting colors the LED lighting systems enhance the spill over waterfall, Trevi pop-ups, crystal water features, cup holders and underwater jets. Our LED light package gives you complete control of the color from your state of the art topside controls.

Water Features

The sound of running water can be extraordinarily soothing, which is why state-of-the-art water features are included on most models. They can be enjoyed independently or with the spa jets activated. Nothing increases your spa experience like the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water. The many options available allow you to integrate these spectacular water features in either dramatic or subtle ways that transform any spa and swimspa environment.

Pro-Pole and Exercise Equipment

Our exercise equipment products meet the needs of those who use Catalina’s SwimSpa as a form of physical therapy, training, exercise and recreation. Our swimspas offer health and fitness benefits to people of every age. Catalina’s comfortable belt system on the pro-pole attaches to the swim spa edge so swimmers can maintain position while swimming or exercising. Catalina’s exercise equipment is easy to install or remove by clipping to pre-mounted hooks.

When you’re all set to cover your investment, check out SpaCap.com While spa suppliers have actually been working with developing and also constructing swimspas, SpaCap.com have been developing the best swimspa covers

Regardless of which company you acquire you spa from they will use a conventional rigid foam filled swimspa cover. The issue is that depending upon the general length of your new spa, that cover will consist of three or four individual panels. And like every foam filled cover ever made, those panels will eventually begin to saturate with moisture from the vapor coming off the spa water, (beginning the day you fill your spa) until they are to heavy to lift.

Usually with 4 different sections this will occur at various rates. So you the owner will have to choose to struggle to remove the swimspa cover or just leave it on and also aim to use your spa under it.

Bar lifters won’t help when the swimspa cover becomes to heavy either because you will still need to flop it over bar while trying not to strain yourself. Then you still have to push it off of the spa. When the cover is heavy it will either tear itself apart (since the joint of the cover is not constructed to handle the weight) or even worse it will tear the bar lifter off the sides of your spa possibly creating damages to the spa cabinet.

The SpaCap.com SwimSpa Covers by contrast, don’t use foam so there is nothing to soak up the moisture. They are built to remain light-weight as well as easy to use. Check out SpaCap.com and order one for your swimspa today.

Swimspa Covers for Michael Phelps Swimspas

The Michael Phelps SwimSpas by Master Spas

The Michael Phelps SwimSpas by Master Spas were created “with input” from the popular swimmer, Michael Phelps, and his coach, Bob Bowman, and the specialist designers of Master Spas.

The company internet site asserts that these are just one of the most energy-efficient swimspas in the market, as a result of the green icynene foam insulation. In their very own words, “Every swimspa is constructed to not just fulfill but to exceed the strict California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency criteria.” They additionally have high density polymer base which keeps away pests as well as helps to keep the heating, manifold pipes which ensures the equivalent spread of pressure in the jets.

They likewise include Noise Reduction, EcoPur as well as Ozone systems. The EcoPur ® System consists of a filter which incorporates a mix of minerals which aid not only the removal of bigger contaminations, yet additionally of the microorganisms as well as heavy metals, causing softer water. The Ozone System eliminates the microorganisms, making the water fresh as well as tidy.

Its Wave Propulsion ™ Technology System supplies you a swimming experience with much less disturbance and the SwimNumber ™ System enables you to set the suitable swimming, training speed according to your needs. Some exercise programs are pre scheduled, so you could pick in between the beginners, intermediate or sophisticated degrees. Again it is offered in a variety of lengths and also configurations consisting of the spa on one end that can be at a different temperature level. The one noticeable distinction is the housing. On the pump end, the one you swim towards, an excellent foot to eighteen inches is used up by the pump functions. Not a big deal but if your buying  SwimSpa Covers for it, you’ll be covering a section you can not swim in or sit in.

One essential factor that could truly dampen your pleasure is trying to lift heavy, SwimSpa Covers off and back into the swimspa. Standard stiff foam filled SwimSpa Covers will constantly wind up saturated which water inside foam SwimSpa Covers will certainly ice up essentially you’ll end up with a block of ice over your swimspa. As well as that relocating heavy SwimSpa Covers when there can be ice around the spa can be hazardous. Prevent the inconvenience by going to SpaCap.com and ordering a Lightweight SwimSpa Covers that will not get heavy or break.

Swimspa Covers for Premium Leisure Swimspas

SwimSpa Covers for Premium Leisure Spas

Premium Leisure SwimSpas and Aquatic Trainers are manufactured in the United States using only ETL and UL approved electrical components. Each spa is uniquely designed with features and benefits that will grace your backyard and provide years of training, therapy, relaxation and family fun.

They are made of high quality cast acrylic, reinforced with fiberglass and supported by a 16 gauge welded steel frame. They come with a maintenance friendly cabinet, in your choice of colors, to match the décor of your home or landscape. Even the little things like a thick plastic base to protect your decking and isolate the elements of nature are things that are standard with a Premium Leisure SwimSpa.

At SpaCap.com They are ready to help you design a customized swim spa cover to fit your Premium Leisure SwimSpa.

SpaCap.com has been building custom spa covers for forty years. That’s longer than swimspas have been around! During that time the folks at SpaCap.com have developed a swim spa cover design as unique as your custom swimspa.

Does your swim spa have a waterfall? No problem! Is that old foam cover keeping you from enjoying your swim spa? SpaCap.com has the answer. Plus you can get it to match your backyard decor!

All the SpaCap.com Swim Spa Covers are covered with Marine Grade Sunbrella in all the colors Glen Raven Mills offers.

So if you want a custom swim spa cover to cover your Premium Leisure SwimSpa that’s as easy to remove as a comforter from your bed visit SpaCap.com and order yours today!

Swimspa Cover Buying Guide

Match Your Climate

You will definitely have to consider the ability of the swimspa cover to withstand the specific climates when it comes to using it. It is important to have a model that can stand up to the climate in your area. There is no point of getting a model that would not even last for long before showing signs of wear and tear.

Those who live in areas that are cold and rainy, then you need to find a model that can withstand the specific weather condition. For those who experience all the four seasons in a year, then you also have to get one that withstands all the changing conditions.

Vapor barrier quality

The model that you pick should also come with vapor barrier for your hot tub. The vapor barrier is the portion of the cover that is in charge of providing the foam cores coating so that water does not permeate through the insulation. This is BS. If the swim spa cover has a foam core it is going to get heavy. There is no “vapor barrier” on the planet that will prevent that from happening.

The only swimspa covers that can avoid this do not have foam in them. Don’t fall for the “Vapor Barrier” BS.

Dimensions and shape

This is another important aspect that you have to keep in mind. As much as you would be looking to get a deal on the cover, you have to make sure that it covers the swimspa adequately. Also consider the shape of the swimspa as it affects which cover you have to choose. There are companies that can make custom swimspa covers for you, but they might be a little bit expensive. That said, having a swimspa cover that doesn’t fit properly is going to end up costing you a lot more in energy bills.

Price or budget

Well, definitely these two always go hand in hand. You will always have a budget in mind and then there is the price at which the product retails. It is always important that you consider these two before making up your mind. Take the time to check out if the model you are buying is worth spending your money on it.


There are many choices to consider when it comes to swimspa covers. Right now, with what is going on across the country the other thing to consider is the availability. Swimspa covers with foam cores are typically being made overseas. Shipping delays have put getting them back in stock several months out. SwimSpa Covers made in the USA are going to be a safer bet. Take the time to find one that delivers on your needs for a swimspa cover.

Hail Proof SwimSpa Covers

Did Hail Kill Your SwimSpa Cover?

Most places across the country get the occasional hail storm. Fortunately for most of us that amounts to a downpour of BB sized hail.

Then there are places like Texas that will get hail the size of tennis balls and golf balls. Not the kind of storm you want to get caught out in for sure.

If you’re ever needing to replace your swimspa cover because of this kind of damage, we have some good news for you. Where as any typical rigid foam filled swimspa cover would be beat to pieces, the designers at SpaCap.com have developed a cover that will never be damaged by hail, even of epic proportions.

After the storm, wouldn’t it be great to go out and relax in the spa and forget all the things your insurance company is going to have to replace?

At SpaCap.com they have been building hail proof hot tub covers and swim spa covers for more than forty years. SwimSpa Covers that can literally take a beating and come out looking brand new.

Not only that, but these swimspa covers can handle any wind storm that may come along too.

Visit SpaCap.com and check out the only swimspa covers that won’t get beat to pieces by the storm.